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Inland Wetlands


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Tuesday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Inland Wetlands Administrator:

Ronald Baia

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All construction activities new and additions, detached structures, pools, etc. require the processing of a certificate of compliance. This certificate is a tool to not only verify the presence of regulated areas but establishes whether the proposed activity is considered to be adhering to the regulatory standards of the Agency. The standards are based on distances from the various regulated areas and are not affected by any particular property line. Activities new or in wetlands and watercourses require the processing of an application for permit.

Public Hearings

The Shelton Inland Wetlands Commission meets the second Thursday of each month. Special meeting may be scheduled as need basis.

IW Meeting Material

Legislative Finding or About Wetland Regulation in Shelton

Protect the citizens of the City by making provisions for the protection, preservation, maintenance and use of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses by minimizing their disturbance and pollution; maintaining and improving water quality in accordance with the highest standards set by federal, state or local authority; preventing damage from erosion, turbidity or siltation; preventing loss of fish or other beneficial aquatic organisms, wildlife or vegetation and the destruction of the natural habitats thereof; deterring and inhibiting the danger of flood and pollution; protecting the quality of wetlands and watercourses for their conservation, economic, aesthetic, recreational and other public and private uses and values; protecting the City’s potable fresh water supplies from the dangers of droughts, overdraft, pollution, misuse and mismanagement.

Provide an orderly process to balance the need for the economic growth of the City, and the use of its land with the need to protect its environment and ecology in order to forever guarantee to the people of the City, the safety of such natural resources for their benefit and enjoyment and for the benefit and enjoyment of generations yet unborn.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a wetland?

Connecticut’s program for regulation actually includes wetlands and watercourses. They are referred to as regulated areas. Wetlands are defined based on the drainage characteristics of the soil. These include poorly drained, very poorly drained, and certain alluvial or flood plain soils. Watercourses include brooks, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, marshes, bogs and swamps. All of the watercourses have various features that define them. There is also a unique type of wetland known as a vernal pool. In elementary terms it can be thought of as a seasonal pond. This type of wetland may provide critical habitat for various amphibians rare and uncommon in Connecticut.

What is a setback or buffer?

A setback or buffer is the upland area adjacent to a wetland or watercourse where the agency regulates activities which may have an impact on the above regulated areas. Specific buffers are detailed in the Commission’s regulations. By Connecticut Statute these areas are known as “Upland Review Areas”

Appendix Standards 

What type and amount of fees are involved?

There are several types of fees involved with the regulatory program. The exact amounts vary depending on the type of development, the size of disturbance as well as type of disturbance. These fees are detailed in the Commission’s regulations.

Is there a wetlands map?

Yes, there is a wetlands map for identifying the general location of major regulated resources within the City. The actual character of the land for regulated areas determination is spelled out in the regulatory requirements.

Are there regulations?

There are regulations enacted by the Commission in accordance with the parameters established by the Connecticut State Statutes via legislation in 1973. Shelton’s program was developed in June of 1974 through passage of an ordinance of the Shelton Board of Alderman.

  • Fees
  • Inland Wetlands And Watercourses Regulations
  • Shelton Aquifer Regulations
  • Application Specifications
  • Wetlands Release Notice
  • Erosion Notice
  • Notice of Regulation Area
  • Standard Permit
  • Map Rules
  • Wetlands Release
  • Contents of Application
  • Site Investigation Form

IW CT General Statutes 22a-39 

IW Regulations Shelton CT 

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