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About Engineering

The Engineering Department provides Professional Engineering services for City departments, commissions and agencies. Plan reviews of subdivision and commercial developments are performed for the City land use boards to ensure conformance with city regulations, ordinances and design standards. It also provides in-house design of infrastructure improvement projects along with construction inspection. Oversight of design services provided by consulting engineers is another responsibility.

Other department functions include addressing resident concerns related to stormwater management, drainage and sidewalks. The office is also responsible for the assignment of street addresses.

Maps and Record Drawings

The Engineering Department maintains and updates an extensive library of City maps and infrastructure record drawings. They include

  • Assessors Maps
  • City Street, Voting District and Watercourse Maps
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Topographic and Planimetric Maps
  • Bridge and Culvert Drawings
  • Roadway Construction and Drainage System Plans
  • Residential and Commercial Site Development Plans

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System is the system that collects mostly rainwater and discharges to rivers, streams, and lakes. Oversight of this system falls under the jurisdiction of the Engineering department.

2017 Stormwater Management Plan
2023 MS4 Annual Report
2022 MS4 Annual Report
2021 MS4 Annual Report
2019 MS4 Annual Report
2018 MS4 Annual Report
2017 MS4 Annual Report
IDDE Report -Illicit Discharge & Detection Elimination
DCIA -Directly Connected Impervious Area

On-Line Permits & Applications

Any construction work that occurs within a city highway right of way is regulated by ordinance and requires an excavation permit. The city right of way extends beyond the limits of the roadway pavement and includes the shoulder area and any public sidewalk. The staff inspects all permitted excavations to ensure their proper restoration with a temporary pavement repair. The scheduling and oversight of permanent pavement repairs is the final phase of the permitting process. Excavation Permits are required for the following activities:

  • Installation or replacement of utility mains and building services
  • Installation, replacement or repair of sanitary sewer building connections (including within the city right of way)
  • Installation, replacement or repair of the public sidewalk or curb
  • Installation, replacement or resurfacing of driveways within the city highway right of way

As of July 6, 2023, engineering permits and applications are available to be filled out on-line via the following link to the OpenGov online permitting system:

For those who would like assistance or to visit City Hall in person, staff will be available Tuesday - Friday to assist with the application process with a kiosk located on the third floor across from the Planning & Zoning office.

** NOTE: Site plans are now to be submitted to the Building Department through their on-line residential building permit application.

Supplemental Documents

Requirements and Procedures for Street Excavation Permits
Permanent Pavement Restoration Fees
Driveway Regulations (Ordinance and Construction Details)
Reimbursement of Property Owners for the Construction or Replacement of Sidewalks and Curbs
Electronic Map File Purchase Agreement (for digital map data)


Ordinance 791 Street Excavation
Ordinance 854 Stormwater Management / Operations and Maintenance Requirements
Ordinance 855 Illegal Discharges and Illicit Connections to the Public Storm Drainage System
Ordinance 910 – Amendment – Permit (Pricing)



City Hall
54 Hill Street – Third Floor
Shelton, CT 06484


(203) 924-1555 ext. 1509


(203) 924-1136


Tuesday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Dept. Head:

Rimas J. Balsys, City Engineer